Just by wanting to be one

Nobody ever became a writer just by wanting to be one – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Nobody ever became a writer just by wanting to be one - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Nobody ever became a writer just by wanting to be one – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Just by wanting to be one ties in with a book I’m working on right now about the Law of Attraction. Are you familiar with the concept? A general, but mistaken, understanding is that you think really happy jolly thoughts, the universe notices that, and emails or Fedex’s happy stuff your way.

I’m only being a bit facetious there, because it’s a highly profitable idea. Many people really want to fall for the idea that all it takes is a pile of happy thoughts and all your dreams come true. This ignores the basic mechanism by which this simple law works.

On the other hand, it creates a negative backlash because many people confuse goals and success coaching with these self-professed self-help gurus selling their happy thoughts. I had an extremely broke and depressed friend of a friend who once sought out help with a rent problem. They started off really negatively because they knew for certain that no amount of happy jolly thinking would make a check appear in their landlord’s hand. It was difficult to overcome that negative mindset.

No, I said, I’m talking about hard work, saving money, and how to manage your life in an efficient practical manner so that this problem goes away like magic. With tons of hard work and accountability. That offends all the people who were hoping that the elves or unicorns would rescue them if they just thought enough happy thoughts.

That’s where I come from. You want to be a published author? You’re going to have to start writing every day. I have a Self-Publishing instruction course coming up, so subscribe to the newsletter and/or blog if you want to get first notice of the first Free Webinar, coming soon.

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